Nutanix : Tip of the Week #1

This post is the first of a weekly series of short articles on Nutanix, providing hopefully useful tips.

If you need to change passwords on your Nutanix cluster (Host, IPMI and CVM) you can use these below scripts to do it quickly.

Change password on all CVM:

for i in svmips;do echo “–$i–“;ssh nutanix@$i ‘echo -e “NewPassword\nNewPassword” | sudo passwd nutanix’;done

Change password on all Host:

for i in hostips;do echo “–$i–“;ssh root@$i ‘echo -e “NewPassword\nNewPassword” | passwd

Nutanix : Xi Leap a Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)

We all wish to avoid disasters, but unfortunately, they do occur. Today statistics indicate that even a very short amount of downtime can have significant adverse effects on a company. Revenues are impacted. Customers are impacted. Company reputation is affected.

So, do you need a disaster recovery plan?

Hardware fails, people do mistakes, and having a solution with no downtime it’s just impossible. How can you guarantee no downtime at all?
The requirements, the size, the complexity, and the level

Nutanix : vRO workflow to add or remove VM from a protection domain (ASYNC DR)

The ability to perform day-2 operations from a single management pane can make life’s of IT administrators easier, especially with a platform that adapts an API First architecture strategy.

VMware vRO has a built-in REST plugin that allows you to perform REST operations and workflows that you can run directly from your vCenter.

In this quick post, we cover the integration between vRO and the Nutanix platform in order to automate the following actions:

Add a VM to an existing

Nutanix : CALM and HYCU Integration

This is a really short blogpost showing the integration between Nutanix Calm and HYCU.

What is Nutanix CALM?

    • Application lifecycle management: Allows you to provision and manage business applications across your infrastructure for both the private and public clouds, including Nutanix, VMware, AWS, GCP, and Azure.
    • For more information about Nutanix CALM: NUTANIX-CALM 

What is Nutanix HYCU?

    • Solution that provides backup and recovery capabilities. 
    • Focused on Hyperconverged platforms such as Nutanix.
    • Multi-cloud Data Protection: Nutanix, VMware, GCP, AWS,

Nutanix April Releases

Nutanix has announced a couple of new releases in April:

All new announcements can be found here: Announcements

Regarding Nutanix Move, there are a few new interesting features with the 3.5.0 release

Nutanix : Run LCM inventory on multiple clusters with Prism Pro Playbooks Life Cycle Manager (LCM) is a feature on AOS that tracks software and firmware versions of all entities in the cluster.

From Prism Element (PE) you can use LCM to update AHV, NCC, Foundation, BIOS, BMC, DATA Drives, HBA Controllers, SATADOMs and M.2 Drives, and for Prism Central, you can update Calm, Epsilon, Karbon, and Objects.

Today with LCM Version:, we cannot do central inventory or upgrades PE components from Prism Central (PC), and to do that we need to connect on each PE.

So if you

Nutanix : How to replace default Nutanix ERA certificate

For better security, TLS certificates are necessary to enable secure connections between a browser and your application. In this article, I will show you in fives steps how you change the default ERA certificate with custom certificate

Step 1: Snapshot ERA VM

Step 2: Transfer certificate files to Era VM on specific folder.

You need  a PEM bundle containing:

  • The private key without passphrase
  • The certificate itself
  • Intermediate certificates

Tips: Use openssl to remove passphrase from the private key with the

Veeam + Nutanix = Mine

a priori, rendre le backup invisible est le prochain challenge de Nutanix, avec la plateforme Nutanix Mine annoncée lors du .Next 2019 à Anaheim.

Il s’agit d’une plate-forme qui permet à Nutanix d’ajouter la protection et l’archivage des données à son catalogue avec un produit facile à déployer et à administrer.

La solution est présentée sous forme d’une Appliance Hardware Nutanix avec la partie software AOS et un logiciel de sauvegarde dont le partenariat semble très bien avancé avec

Nutanix : Comment réparer une mise à niveau NCC bloquée

Un blog post rapide pour vous expliquer sur la façon de réparer une mise à niveau NCC qui bloque

Connectez-vous sur la CVM en question et lancez la commande « progress_monitor_cli fetchall qui vous donne plus d’informations sur la tâche bloquée telles que son id, le type d’opération et le nom de l’opération.

Ces infos vous seront nécessaire pour annuler la tâche bloquée, récupérer l’id de la tâche, l’opération et le type et utiliser la commande :

progress_monitor_cli –entity_id= «xxxx » –operation=upgrade_ncc –entity_type=

Nutanix : Move 3.0   


Nutanix a publié Move version 3.0 anciennement connue sous le nom de xTRACT VM, une solution de migration entre hyperviseurs multiples pour migrer les VMs avec un temps d’indisponibilité minimal. 

Cette version  prend en charge trois types de sources pour la migration: la migration des VMs s’exécutant sur un hyperviseur ESXi géré par vCenter; migration d’instances EC2 basées sur EBS et exécutées sur AWS et la migration de machines virtuelles s’exécutant sur un hyperviseur Hyper-V.

Version AOS Version VMware Version Hyper-V