Nutanix : vRO workflow to add or remove VM from a protection domain (ASYNC DR)

The ability to perform day-2 operations from a single management pane can make life’s of IT administrators easier, especially with a platform that adapts an API First architecture strategy.

VMware vRO has a built-in REST plugin that allows you to perform REST operations and workflows that you can run directly from your vCenter.

In this quick post, we cover the integration between vRO and the Nutanix platform in order to automate the following actions:

Add a VM to an existing Protection Domain (Async DR)
Remove a VM from an existing Protection Domain (Async DR)


The vRO workflow makes a few API calls to the Nutanix cluster to add or remove a VM from a protection domain.

Workflow to add VM to a protection domain :

method: POST

Workflow to remove a VM from a protection domain:

method: POST


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