Nutanix : CALM and HYCU Integration

This is a really short blogpost showing the integration between Nutanix Calm and HYCU.

What is Nutanix CALM?

    • Application lifecycle management: Allows you to provision and manage business applications across your infrastructure for both the private and public clouds, including Nutanix, VMware, AWS, GCP, and Azure.
    • For more information about Nutanix CALM: NUTANIX-CALM 

What is Nutanix HYCU?

    • Solution that provides backup and recovery capabilities. 
    • Focused on Hyperconverged platforms such as Nutanix.
    • Multi-cloud Data Protection: Nutanix, VMware, GCP, AWS, and Azure.
    • For more information about HYCU: HYCU-FOR-NUTANIX

Huge congratulations to the HYCU team for the well-documented API and swagger.

This video above shows how Nutanix Calm can be leveraged to perform day 2 operations such as backing up an application being managed by Calm with HYCU.



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