Nutanix Flow isolation Policy with Terraform

Here we go with another blog post on Nutanix and Terraform. 
If you haven’t checked the first video on how to provision VMs on Nutanix AHV with Terraform, here is the link.

The idea of this post is to quickly show you how Terraform can be leveraged to create software-defined network security policies on AHV with Nutanix Flow. For more information on Nutanix Flow capabilities, please refer to the following link: Nutanix-Flow-datasheet

For this blog post, we are going to isolate Prod and Dev environments between each other.
Basically, we don’t want any communication between Prod and Dev VMs. Based on your security requirements, you can use Nutanix Flow to isolate different types of objects from each other: VMs, Applications, Network segment, Clusters, etc .. 

Before jumping into the video: I want to be clear that the code is personal and not supported neither by me or Nutanix, so use it at your own risk. Here is the link where the code can be found here.




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