VMware : 15 meilleures pratiques pour sécuriser les VMs

La sécurité informatique est devenue un enjeu de plus en plus crucial pour les entreprises et les gouvernements à travers le monde, en raison de la multiplication des attaques et de la sophistication croissante des cybercriminels.

Selon le rapport de l’ANSSI sur le panorama de la cybermenace, les plateformes de virtualisation sont de plus en plus visées par les attaquants.En effet, les vulnérabilités de la plateforme VMware peuvent être exploitées pour accéder aux VMs, voler des données sensibles

Nutanix : Using ansible to download and update NCC on alll you nutanix clusters

If you don’t know Nutanix Cluster Check (NCC), you can read more about it here and here . NCC is one of the most critical tools to detect any problems in your Nutanix platform, so it is important to keep it up to date.

When a new NCC version is released, you need to connect to each Nutanix cluster and upgrade NCC by using either the Prism web console or Life Cycle Manager.

    1. Log on to the Prism web console

VMware : Using Ansible to update VMware vSphere

In any environment, small or large, it’s always considered best practices to keep a platform up to date especially with all the CVE we have seen recently.

With Update Manager or Lifecycle Manager, ESXi patches shouldn’t be that painful. But planning to patch your environment composed of many hosts, on different vSphere Clusters and vCenters may be a challenge for a sysadmin.

Ansible has by default a lot of VMware modules that can help to automate VMware vSphere tasks and

Veeam : Integration with AWX Part 1

Let’s say you have a private cloud solution in place where users can self-provision VMs and save a lot of time OPEX time and cost. But what about the data protection ? You’re still likely using a manual process by which users request data protection for those self-provisioned VMs.

If you choose the right platform, you might have the ability to automate your IT operations and grow your ITaaS portfolio! The only limit is your own business requirements !