Veeam : Integration with AWX Part 1

Let’s say you have a private cloud solution in place where users can self-provision VMs and save a lot of time OPEX time and cost. But what about the data protection ? You’re still likely using a manual process by which users request data protection for those self-provisioned VMs.

If you choose the right platform, you might have the ability to automate your IT operations and grow your ITaaS portfolio! The only limit is your own business requirements !

In this video, we will show you the integration between Veeam and AWX to : 

      • The ability to create a new Veeam backup job
      • The ability to add VM to existing Veeam backup jobs.
      • The ability to launch a  full VM backup with Veeam ZIP backup.
      • The ability to launch  an incremental backup task with Veeam Quick backup.

What’s next

There are a number of other things we could do from there:

      • Enable notification to slack. 
      • Configuring approval. 
      • Full VM restore.
      • Restores a VM guest OS file. 
      • Restores a VM Folder. 
      • Self-Service Backup configuration.
      • Creating actions on CMP that calls a job template from AWX.

…and lots more! Whenever you encounter an operational challenge, the odds are good are that automation can help.


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