Nutanix and Gitlab – vSphere Cluster creation and AOS configuration

In the previous blog post, we showed you how Gitlab and Nutanix Foundation APIs could be leveraged to create a Nutanix AHV cluster from scratch: this post, we are going to use the same components, method and process to:

  • Create a Nutanix Cluster with vSphere as the Hypervisor
  • Configure the Nutanix Cluster (AOS settings): Accept Eula, Configure Pulse, DNS, NTP, LCM, Http Proxy, Timezone, SNMP, SMTP, Containers, Syslog, Licensing, Active Directory, Role Mappings

We still have our Gitlab

Nutanix and Gitlab – Foundation and Cluster Creation

Nutanix has a bunch of APIs that you can leverage to automate different processes and reduce operational time, effort, risks, and improve consistency. In the following example, we will see how GitLab can be used to deploy a new AHV cluster from scratch. 

Our Gitlab Project called “ntnx-automation” is composed of different files:

  • A README file, usually a documention, describing requirements, how to use the solution, etc.
  • A ntnx-scripts folder storing all scripts dedicated to the automation project.

Nutanix : Files and VMware vRealize Automation integration

Nutanix Files is a native part of the Nutanix Enterprise portfolio and like any other Nutanix products, Files expose a REST API that can be used to automate many operations.

In the video below, we will cover how to extend many functionalities of Nutanix Files with both VMware vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchestrator in order to add a File as a Service in the vRA catalogue.

To do this, we integrate 3 platforms: Nutanix Files, vRealize Orchestrator, and the vRealize

Nutanix : CALM and HYCU Integration

This is a really short blogpost showing the integration between Nutanix Calm and HYCU.

What is Nutanix CALM?

    • Application lifecycle management: Allows you to provision and manage business applications across your infrastructure for both the private and public clouds, including Nutanix, VMware, AWS, GCP, and Azure.
    • For more information about Nutanix CALM: NUTANIX-CALM 

What is Nutanix HYCU?

    • Solution that provides backup and recovery capabilities. 
    • Focused on Hyperconverged platforms such as Nutanix.
    • Multi-cloud Data Protection: Nutanix, VMware, GCP, AWS,

VMware : VCAP6-CMA Deploy Exam Experience (3V0-633) (French)

 VMware : VCAP6-CMA Deploy Exam Experience (3V0-633) (French)

Voici un petit retour sur la VCAP6-CMA Deploy (3V0-633) examen que j’ai passé début décembre 2016.

VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 — Cloud Management and Automation Deployment

Pour cet Examen, vous devez répondre à un ensemble de questions/tâches en un temps limité.
Pour être plus précis, l’examen VCAP6-CMA Deploy contient 32 questions, comportant elle-même plusieurs sous-questions.
À propos du temps, la page officielle indique 160 minutes. Les informations n’ont peut-être pas été

vRealize Orchestrator : vCO Plugin pour NSX

vRealize Orchestrator : vCO Plugin pour NSX

De manière native, vous ne trouverez aucun workflow, element VMware NSX sur vRealize Orchestrator.
Si vous souhaitez automatiser votre environnement VMware NSX avec Orchestrator, le plugin NSX pour VMware vCenter Orchestrator est a téléchargé directement sur le site de VMware.

Lien : VMware vCenter Orchestrator Plugin 1.0.2 for NSX


Une fois le Plugin vCO pour NSX téléchargé, connectez-vous sur le panel d’administration de votre vRealize Orchestrator.
Pour Rappel URL Orchestrator : https://IP_Orchestrator:8281/vco/