VMware : VCDX journey – Thank you !!!!!

I was with family in Serbia enjoying time off, when I received this email from the VCDX team.

To be honest, I didn’t expect to receive anything that day, it was already 04 PM and I remembered receiving result in the morning on my 2 previous attempts, so I definitely didn’t expect that coming!! 

I had to read that mail a few times, just to be sure I was reading correctly and the name was mine. 
The journey wasn’t easy

Nutanix : How to replace default Nutanix ERA certificate

For better security, TLS certificates are necessary to enable secure connections between a browser and your application. In this article, I will show you in fives steps how you change the default ERA certificate with custom certificate

Step 1: Snapshot ERA VM

Step 2: Transfer certificate files to Era VM on specific folder.

You need  a PEM bundle containing:

  • The private key without passphrase
  • The certificate itself
  • Intermediate certificates

Tips: Use openssl to remove passphrase from the private key with the

VMware : VCSA ERROR certificate-manager ‘lstool get’ failed: 1

If you are using vCenter, you are were maybe looking to replace the default self-signed certificate with an enterprise signed-certificate for security reasons. The biggest challenge is not to forget the expiration date otherwise access to the vCenter will be blocked with errors as per below:

The process of replacing a certificate has been simplified since 6.0 version: indeed the certificate manager script takes care of everything.

However, this time I faced an error when replacing the certificate with a

Nutanix : Upgrade Nutanix Era

Quick video to show you how to upgrade Nutanix Era software that automates database provisioning and  administration:



Enjoy the new versions!

Veeam + Nutanix = Mine

a priori, rendre le backup invisible est le prochain challenge de Nutanix, avec la plateforme Nutanix Mine annoncée lors du .Next 2019 à Anaheim.

Il s’agit d’une plate-forme qui permet à Nutanix d’ajouter la protection et l’archivage des données à son catalogue avec un produit facile à déployer et à administrer.

La solution est présentée sous forme d’une Appliance Hardware Nutanix avec la partie software AOS et un logiciel de sauvegarde dont le partenariat semble très bien avancé avec