Veeam : How to install Kasten K10 on vSphere with Tanzu

Disaster recovery, backup solutions and recoverability in general, are usually critical requirements to run production workloads, even when running pods and containers on a Kubernetes platform.

Veeam with Kasten can help enterprises overcome data management challenges and confidently run applications on Kubernetes clusters.

This vblog focuses on the integration of Kasten and vSphere with VMware Tanzu:

STEP1: helm repo add kasten
STEP2: kubectl create namespace kasten-io
STEP3: kubectl get sc
STEP4: helm install k10 kasten/k10 –namespace=kasten-io –set externalGateway.create=true –set auth.tokenAuth.enabled=true
STEP5: kubectl get pods -n kasten-io
STEP6 : kubectl get svc -n kasten-io
STEP7: sa_secret=$(kubectl get serviceaccount k10-k10 -o jsonpath=”{.secrets[0].name}” –namespace kasten-io)
STEP8: kubectl get secret $sa_secret –namespace kasten-io -ojsonpath=”{.data.token}{‘\n’}” | base64 –decode


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