VMware : Configuration de VxRAIL IDRAC pour transférer les logs vers VMware LogInsight

VMware Loginsight dispose d’un content pack pour IDRAC qui vous permet de surveiller les logs de vos nodes VxRAIL et vous permet également de configurer des alertes.

Afin de faire la configuration, connectez-vous sur l’interface iDRAC et sélectionnez :

configuration>System settings>Remote Syslog Settings  

Une fois terminés, tous les nouveaux logs générés seront transmis à loginsight et les dasbords fournis par défaut commenceront à avoir des données.

Maintenant si vous avez beaucoup de node VxRAIL à configurer, vous pouvez automatiser

Nutanix : Using ansible to download and update NCC on alll you nutanix clusters

If you don’t know Nutanix Cluster Check (NCC), you can read more about it here and here . NCC is one of the most critical tools to detect any problems in your Nutanix platform, so it is important to keep it up to date.

When a new NCC version is released, you need to connect to each Nutanix cluster and upgrade NCC by using either the Prism web console or Life Cycle Manager.

    1. Log on to the Prism web console

Nutanix : Run LCM inventory on multiple clusters with Prism Pro Playbooks

http://vinception.fr/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/2020-04-27_23h19_14.png Life Cycle Manager (LCM) is a feature on AOS that tracks software and firmware versions of all entities in the cluster.

From Prism Element (PE) you can use LCM to update AHV, NCC, Foundation, BIOS, BMC, DATA Drives, HBA Controllers, SATADOMs and M.2 Drives, and for Prism Central, you can update Calm, Epsilon, Karbon, and Objects.

Today with LCM Version:, we cannot do central inventory or upgrades PE components from Prism Central (PC), and to do that we need to connect on each PE.

So if you

Nutanix :  Take a VeeamZIP of AHV VMs from the Prism console

One of the Veeam Backup & Replication v10 and AHV Backup Proxy v2 features is VeeamZIP for AHV VMs that allows you to quickly performing backup of  if needed.

To create a VeeamZIP backup, you need to open the Inventory view on the VBR console and select Nutanix AHV at the inventory pane, right-click on the required VM and select VeeamZIP.

The VeeamZIP job  produces a full backup file (.VBK) as an independent restore point for the VM.

As you may know