Nutanix : Run LCM inventory on multiple clusters with Prism Pro Playbooks Life Cycle Manager (LCM) is a feature on AOS that tracks software and firmware versions of all entities in the cluster.

From Prism Element (PE) you can use LCM to update AHV, NCC, Foundation, BIOS, BMC, DATA Drives, HBA Controllers, SATADOMs and M.2 Drives, and for Prism Central, you can update Calm, Epsilon, Karbon, and Objects.

Today with LCM Version:, we cannot do central inventory or upgrades PE components from Prism Central (PC), and to do that we need to connect on each PE.

So if you have X PE, you will have to perform these operations X times:

Fortunately, with Nutanix X-Play you can Run LCM inventory on all PE attached to the Prism Central and this with one click inventory.  

Here is a quick video that shows how you can create the playbook and use it.

Just one more example of how automation can save your time.


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  1. Hi, this is a great video.
    I’m trying to replicate the same in my environment.

    Are you able to post the Request body syntax. Some things aren’t very clear in the video, like dots, and commas.


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