Veeam : How to reset the AHV Proxy Web Console admin’s password

We all know that password management can give headaches. Sometimes we forget a password, sometimes it’s set by someone else, they forget it or leave the company… No matter the action or current status, It’s clear that password management (changing/resetting/updating) is one of the frequent day 2 operations for a sysadmin.

This article provides all the steps to reset the Veeam AHV appliance admin’s password.


Disclaimer: The following operations may not be officially supported by Veeam, use it at your own risk. We encourage you to open a case directly with Veeam support.

STEP0: Make sure no backup jobs are running on the Veeam appliance.

STEP1: Take snapshot for AHV proxy Appliance VM.

STEP2: Login inside appliance as Veeam user (Veeam123!: is the default password).

STEP3: Stop VeeamBackupAgent service.

veeam@veeam00:~$ sudo service VeeamBackupAgent stop

STEP4: Make a backup of a configuration database.

veeam@veeam00:~$ sudo cp /opt/VeeamBackupAgent/nxdb.db ~/nxdb.db.bak

STEP5: Connect to a configuration database.

veeam@veeam00:~$ sudo sqlite3 /opt/VeeamBackupAgent/nxdb.db

To display all the tables in the current database, you can use the .tables command. 

Use the command SELECT * FROM DtoUser to display user configurations: “Uid” ,”Id” ,”UserName” ,”Email” ,”EmailConfirmed”, “PasswordHash” ,…..

STEP5: Inject known PasswordHash value into admin user configuration

sqlite> update DtoUser set PasswordHash = ‘AQAAAAEAACcQAAAAEO198eAPdibAN18kpJzPzP+t/wBXJujDKBiPLukXrybMyaOVHKQKiTQ6HucyhnnF5Q==’  where UserName = ‘admin’ ;

NOTE: This PasswordHash value has been taken from another Veeam appliance configuration. The default password is Veeam123!.

STEP6: Start VeeamBackupAgent service

veeam@veeam00:~$ sudo service VeeamBackupAgent start

Login in the web interface with the new password and change it using the dashboard on the appliance settings.

Choosing a hard-to-guess, but easy-to-remember password is important! 

We hope this will be helpful to you.


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