VMware : 07 features that maybe you didn’t know about vSphere 7.0

There are more than one reason to plan vSphere 7 upgrade and a lot of features and capabilities with this new version.

Below are 7 features that you may didn’t know about vSphere 7.0


VCSA backup status directly on the vCenter html5 client, which shows the last file-based backup and the health status of vcsa.

#2-vCenter Server profiles:

4 new API calls : List, Export, Validate and Import can be consumed with DCLI, PowerCLI, or other automation tools to import and export vCenter Server configuration (management, network, authentication, and user configurations) to the same or other vCenter Servers.

#3-vCenter update planner:

vCenter Server Update Planner provides native tools to help us with discovering, planning, and upgrading successfully. We receive notifications when an upgrade or update is available in the vSphere Client and it will be charged to monitor VMware product interoperability and perform pre-update checks.

#4-VM Customize view:

We have the option to switch between the classic view and a customized view that provides all the details about a VM (snapshot, configuration, storage policies, and more…..) 

#5-Content library advanced setting:

Content Library in vSphere 7 now allows  editing configuration settings directly from the vSphere Client under two categories  Sync Frequency and Performance Optimization.

#6-VM Watchdog Timer:

Without a watchdog timer, guest OS and applications inside don’t have a standard way to know that they crashed.
A watchdog timer helps by resetting the VM if the guest OS is no longer responding. This is especially important for clustered applications, like databases.

#7- vSphere PTP:

Precision Time Protocol helpful for financial and scientific applications. 
This option requires both in guest device and the ESXi service to be enabled and compatible only with VM Hardware 17

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