Veeam : Slack Channel for Veeam Study Group

Veeam : Slack Channel for Veeam Study Group


A New Slack Channel was created for Veeam Study Group :
The idea is that people who work on Veeam certifications can use the various channels on this group to communicate and collaborate across common topics.

For people who has already passed the Exam, please keep in mind the NDA which you signed.

Channels available on this group (for the moment)

  • #VMCE
  • #helpme
  • #design
  • #study
  • #blogging

Please comment your Email address to join the Group.
You can also send a DM on our Twitter : @BILKAM2 and @zecevicigor 

update: auto invite page so people can sign up 

Hope to see you on the Slack Channel.

25 thoughts on “Veeam : Slack Channel for Veeam Study Group”

  1. Would like to join this group. I’ve achieved VMCE 9, but looking to study for the new Advanced certification. Thank you.

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